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OzzybinOswald2 exposes Gary Welz

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The main thing Gary learned from 911 ... The main thing Gary learned from 911 is that you should do what you want and not what you're supposed to do:
Gary's favorite food is French whole wheat toast with syrup.

From Gary's play "How Dick Dies": "The one time assassin known to the public as 'Dick' was found dead on the street yesterday an apparent victim of food poisoning. After a brief period in the spotlight he fell into disfavor and disappeared from public view."

Gary's 1988 play "Hello, I Must Be Going" aka "The Suicide Mission":

Kitten14weed informs us:
Video producer, fake plane eyewitness, and computer graphics expert Gary Welz also stars in 9/11 news videos. His voice characterizations were credited as Tony Arrigo as the first televised eyewitness on 9/11. Oh yes, he's also interested in recruiting suicide bombers for agencies and monitors the Federal Government Agencies oil production statistics.

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